Monday, July 19, 2010

Murder in the neighborhood of Arnie Ville

Friday, July 16, late in the afternoon at Arniev ille, members at Arnie Ville gathered in the sun for a workshop on deaf culture. Suddenly, they heard four or five shots and a short block away. A 29-year-old man, Marcus Mosley Jr., died in his car, murdered. We were horrified and profoundly sad. As the police cordoned the streets, members of Arnie Ville stood in a circle, holding hands and shoulders, speechless, shocked, and heartbroken.

We are all members in this troubled and astounding neighborhood.

When I think of the Arnie ville neighborhood, I consider it to be a safe area with the East Bay Center for the Blind, the East Bay Community Law Center and the Berkeley Zen Center, which are all down the street in one direction or another. The Long Haul Infoshop gives us use of their sink and hot water and they are close enough that for us to haul buckets of dirty dishes there on foot. The Berkeley Bowl, one of Berkeley’s centers of retail produce, is a block away. With all of communities surrounding us, who would have thought that such a tragedy would occur in a late afternoon.

As we think of Marcus Mosley Jr. we give our condolence to his family and friends. Jane Stillwater, who has written about Arnie ville for her blogs,, knew Marcus and his family.

As we continue to struggle to stop these budgeet cuts, let's also hope that these violent innicents will stop too.

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