Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It will be a month tomorrow

It's hard to believe that we have been camping out at Arnie Ville for a whole month. For me, this experience has been great. Even though, I haven't camped there for a night, I have been going as often as I can. I am very impressed of how so many members of our community came together and helped us out. People have donated food, money, tents, etc... Each one of us at Arnie Ville are extremely greatful for all of your donations and your love and support in helping us fight the budget cuts. No matter how long this budget crisis last, CUIDO will continue to stick together and fight until the Governor realizes that he can't stick seniors and people with disabilities in nursing homes against their will. That's illegal and just wrong.

For me, being apart of Arnie Ville has allowed me to get the community better. I've met so many new people and made new friends. However long we will be out there at Arnie Ville, I'm sure that our group CUIDO will keep growing and keep fighting.

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