Sunday, August 22, 2010

More Links from the Sacramento Protest


Here are some update links of news and stories about Sacramento Protest on August
18, 2010.

Sacramento Action News Links
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August 18, 2010, Protest in Sacramento

Here are some clips of the protest in Sacramento today.

The cops talking about the road block having to not block traffic (the
law breaking cd):

It's unclear of who got arrested besides the big Arnie.

> Protesters blocking L Street
> August 18, 2010
> About 20 people, including several in wheelchairs, are blocking L Street at
> 11 Street in front of the state Capitol to protest proposed cuts to in-home
> health care services. Sacramento police said they had arrested two protesters for resisting arrest, and are trying to persuade other protesters to leave.
> The street blockage began about 2:45 p.m.
The civil disobedience was an unplanned offshoot of a Capitol rally and march by a coalition of senior citizen, working parents and disability rights groups, among others, said Mary Ignatius, who helped coordinate the event.
> "It's important for these people to be here because they need to remind our
governor and our Legislature that real people's lives are at stake," said
Ignatius, who said she is from the Health and Human Services Network, coalition of advocacy groups.

Dozens of people participated in the march and rally, but only a fraction of them opted to risk arrest by blocking L Street.

Ignatius said the civil disobedience will send an urgent message about the desperation that protesters feel about the budget.

"The inconvenient truth is that these drastic cuts are going to hurt these people way more (than arrest)," she said. "And doing civil disobedience is a way to amplify what that really means."

The protest rally and march featured a 10-foot-tall effigy of Gov. Arnold
Schwarzenegger raising a bloody ax.

Participating groups included the California Foundation of Independent Living Centers, Health Access, United Domestic Workers, California Immigrant Policy Center, California Hunger Action Coalition, Alzheimers Services of the East Bay, and the Alliance of Retired Americans, according to a flier distributed by Ignatius.

Read more:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

USA Today did an article with Blane about the cuts

Hi All,

If you haven't seen the article where USA Today interviewed with Blane about the cuts, here it is. It also talks about the ADA. It came out on Friday.

Also, CUIDO has a new website. It is Check it out for more updates and events that are being planned to continue our determination to stop the budget cuts for seniors and people with disabilities.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Saturday's Meeting to Plan Sacramento's Bump Up

Dear Friends,

If you visited our tent city, Arnie Ville, we encourage you to please come and join us for the Sacramento's Bump up meeting! It's this Saturday, tomorrow, Aug. 7, at
4:00 PM.
2539 Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley! CIL is
located at Telegraph and Blake and has its own parking lot.

Since Gov. Schwarzenegger hasn't sign the budget yet, it's time to bring Arnie Ville to him. SO SAVE THE DATE WEDNESDAY, AUGUST, 18, 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our plan is to bring the Arnie Ville spirit of defiant resistance to
the governor's and legislators' doorstep, to make sure they hear, loud
and clear, our message: NO CUTS! TAX THE RICH! TAX BIG OIL! CLOSE

Saturday's meeting is potluck!

ASL interpretation will be provided. Please don't wear scented
products to this meeting.

Hope to see all of you there!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It will be a month tomorrow

It's hard to believe that we have been camping out at Arnie Ville for a whole month. For me, this experience has been great. Even though, I haven't camped there for a night, I have been going as often as I can. I am very impressed of how so many members of our community came together and helped us out. People have donated food, money, tents, etc... Each one of us at Arnie Ville are extremely greatful for all of your donations and your love and support in helping us fight the budget cuts. No matter how long this budget crisis last, CUIDO will continue to stick together and fight until the Governor realizes that he can't stick seniors and people with disabilities in nursing homes against their will. That's illegal and just wrong.

For me, being apart of Arnie Ville has allowed me to get the community better. I've met so many new people and made new friends. However long we will be out there at Arnie Ville, I'm sure that our group CUIDO will keep growing and keep fighting.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Murder in the neighborhood of Arnie Ville

Friday, July 16, late in the afternoon at Arniev ille, members at Arnie Ville gathered in the sun for a workshop on deaf culture. Suddenly, they heard four or five shots and a short block away. A 29-year-old man, Marcus Mosley Jr., died in his car, murdered. We were horrified and profoundly sad. As the police cordoned the streets, members of Arnie Ville stood in a circle, holding hands and shoulders, speechless, shocked, and heartbroken.

We are all members in this troubled and astounding neighborhood.

When I think of the Arnie ville neighborhood, I consider it to be a safe area with the East Bay Center for the Blind, the East Bay Community Law Center and the Berkeley Zen Center, which are all down the street in one direction or another. The Long Haul Infoshop gives us use of their sink and hot water and they are close enough that for us to haul buckets of dirty dishes there on foot. The Berkeley Bowl, one of Berkeley’s centers of retail produce, is a block away. With all of communities surrounding us, who would have thought that such a tragedy would occur in a late afternoon.

As we think of Marcus Mosley Jr. we give our condolence to his family and friends. Jane Stillwater, who has written about Arnie ville for her blogs,, knew Marcus and his family.

As we continue to struggle to stop these budgeet cuts, let's also hope that these violent innicents will stop too.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Up Coming Events at Arnie Ville

Workshop: Deaf Culture - Ramona Galindez
Today (Friday) at 5:00 pm

Country Joe McDonald benefit concert
for ArnieVille and Disabled People Outside
Saturday at 3:00.

With speakers, including Michael Parenti,
a bake sale by Sandi Yi beginning at 2:30 pm,
and a rally and march.

Poetry & Singing Circle
Monday at 7:00pm

We hope you will join us for all of these events!