Monday, June 21, 2010

Arnie Ville Starts Tomorrow and We Still Need Your Help!!!!!

Hi Arnie Ville Friends and Supporters,

You know what we're doing. You've come to a meeting;
stopped by, added your name to our e-mail list, or become
our Facebook friend, but . . . have you passed us a couple
of $20s yet?

Help your local organizers. We need you to hand out leaflets,
not stress out about petty cash.

Make checks payable to DREDF
(put CUIDO or ArnieVille in the memo line)
Send to: DREDF
2212 Sixth Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

Via PayPal:

Or send an e-mail with your offer and we'll
connect some other way.

Here's some things we need to help make our sleep-out powerful.

Trash pick up $60
Camp Cell Phone $50.
Poster Supplies $50
Repair of grass when we're finished. $100
Food supplies $100.
Kitchen Items (hand wash area, stretchie cords to tie down coolers, utensils.) $50.
Ice $100
Forty foot awning to cover food and meeting space. $100.
Spanish-English interpreter (one time) $100
Copies of fliers $200.
Security chain & locks for generators/ wheelchair $75.

Now we'd like to get some of this stuff for free or
cheap, so if you can't help us with cash, maybe you
could help us find these things.

I'll see you on the island.
Our opening press conference is 11 am, Wed. morning.

Q: Why do seniors and other people with disabilities
camp on a traffic island in high summer?

A: If the California legislator tries to sink our boats, we'll pick
the closest island -- whatever it is. This community sinks
or swims together.

With gratitude for all the love you've sent thus far,

Adrienne ArnieVillian
(707) 795-2890

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