Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Arnie Ville Starts Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Starting at noon today (Tuesday) we will be setting up camp, creating
banners, building a kitchen, and so forth.

Our official opening is at 5pm. A number of people will probably be going to
the City Council meeting at 7 where Kriss Worthington will present a letter
for the Council to send to the Governor denouncing the cuts to IHSS et al.
(oh yes, and I think there's something about the Emergency Services Program
on the agenda...)

On Thursday at noon we will be holding a press conference and media event.
It is especially important to have a lot of people at the site for when the
TV cameras come! Please plan on joining us at lunchtime on Thursday.

Every day at 2pm starting Wednesday we will have planning meetings.

Most days at 3 we will have a workshop of some sort. Please see the calendar
for up-to-date information.
Unfortunately, the calendar is not accessible to blind people, so if
you want someone to send you the information, please request it. Of course this
is a temporary solution: we are looking into how to make the on-line
calendar accessible to all)

Looking forward to seeing all of you at the island! Adeline and Russell
Streets. 24/7

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  1. If you cannot access the google doc calendar, and you would like to get a daily email of upcoming events at Arnieville, please send an email to dtoj18@yahoo.com with "Arnieville Events" in the subject line.